VIP Voice Review

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VIP Voice is different than most survey sites because it has a lot of different options for payout, most of which don’t involve a good payout at all. My first choice in surveys for PayPal cash are OneOpinion because they pay fairly well and I haven’t had any problems cashing out with them quickly.

I do VIP Voice to burn time if I am bored or watching tv. I like that they have fun quizzes, and while I haven’t won a ton of anything in their auctions, I think they can be fun if you have time to spare and like bidding in their auctions. I don’t save up my points as others do (I generally spend them in auctions or in sweepstakes), but if you saved points over many years you might have a chance to win a vacation.

So far I’ve had several well-paying surveys ($50 gift certificates) through VIP Voice, so even if you don’t win the auctions/sweepstakes, the surveys themselves might pay off. Right now I am doing another food diary study, and that will pay $25 in cash. Since November, I’ve won a $25 gift certificate from a survey and a $5 gift certificate through bidding. Not great, but it’s a fun website if you have some time to spare.